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A Brief History of Kia

Since its founding in 1944, Kia has established itself as a reliable automobile brand. With its main headquarters in Irvine, California, the company has expanded its network to include hundreds of dealership locations across the nation.

Kia Today

Kia offers a diverse range of sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs to cater to a wide audience. From families to everyday commuters and car enthusiasts, Kia ensures their lineup has a car fit for everyone. Drivers often favor them for their exceptional value, dependability, and practical design.

Fix-it with Fred: Your Go-To Kia Service Center

As your Kia accumulates mileage, it will inevitably experience normal wear and tear, regardless of how well you maintain it. Therefore, it is crucial to proactively address your maintenance needs. Equally important is finding a reputable service center with the expertise, experience, and integrity to ensure that your car remains in top operating condition. Located in Canton, Ohio, Fix-It With Fred takes pride in being your go-to service center for comprehensive Kia maintenance. From gasoline cars to hybrids, our ASE-certified professionals have consistently delivered outstanding craftsmanship across a wide range of Kia models since 2011.

Kia Models We Service

Kia Niro: The Kia Niro stands out with its elegant crossover design, breaking away from the conventional hybrid vehicle appearance. Designed to look like a subcompact SUV, the Kia Niro is commonly available in three unique models: a traditional hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, or an entirely battery-powered electric vehicle.

Kia Sedona, now the Kia Carnival: Formerly known as the Kia Sedona, the Kia Carnival serves as a functional minivan for drivers across the nation. Moving away from the conventional minivan look, the Carnival distinguishes itself in the minivan category with its striking and modern exterior design. The vehicle is powered by a robust V-6 engine, ensuring swift acceleration and reliable performance.

Kia Seltos: Introduced to the U.S. market in mid-2019, the Kia Seltos quickly became a popular subcompact SUV. The vehicle has garnered praise for its innovative design, versatility, generous interior space, and comprehensive set of standard features. Even as one of the more affordably-priced options in its category, the Seltos stands out without sacrificing quality or features. It has received critical acclaim for its enjoyable driving experience, fuel economy, and overall value.

Kia Sorento: A midsized SUV that offers ample interior space, the Kia Sorento continues to be one of the most popular Kia models on the market. Since its latest revamp, the Sorento has been upgraded with optional third-row seating, enhanced maneuverability, seats designed for comfort, more user-friendly controls, and modern Bluetooth integration.

Kia Soul: The Kia Soul is renowned for being a compact yet roomy subcompact SUV. With impressive fuel efficiency and cost-effective operations, it’s often regarded as an ideal family car.

Kia Sportage: The Kia Sportage has consistently topped sales charts as one of the most popular Kia models and compact SUVs in the United States. Boasting ample interior space, the Sportage is an ideal selection for both families and outdoor enthusiasts.

Kia Telluride: The Kia Telluride, a midsize SUV, stands out for its generous interior space and comfortable seating across all three rows. Equipped with various features such as an automatic tailgate, extensive cargo space, convenient seat folding mechanisms, and numerous storage options, it is a great choice for a diverse range of drivers. Although it may not be designed for extreme off-road adventures, the Telluride demonstrates proficiency in tackling mild off-road terrain, further enhanced when equipped with the available all-wheel-drive system and off-road package on select trims.

More Kia Vehicles We Service

Kia also boasts an extensive collection of luxurious yet practical sedans, all equipped with the latest technology. Here’s a rundown of Kia’s sedan models:

Kia Forte: A sleek and compact sedan.

Kia Cadenza: Luxury midsize sedan with a selection of sophisticated modern features.

Kia K900: A premium sedan renowned for its rather lavish interior.

Kia Optima/K5: Formerly known as the Optima, the K5 is a sleek, sharp, midsize sedan.

Kia Rio: A subcompact sedan known for combining efficiency and style.

Kia Stinger: A luxury sports sedan offering an exhilarating driving experience.

Other Makes and Models: While Fix-It With Fred excels in performing Kia repairs, our expertise extends to a broad spectrum of maintenance, services, and repairs for various domestic, Asian, and European vehicle makes and models. In addition to traditional gasoline cars, our skilled technicians also excel in managing repairs for hybrid vehicles, maintaining trucks, and providing tire-related services. Our approach is professional, transparent, and designed for your convenience and peace of mind.

Your Local Kia Mechanic

Professional Kia Maintenance: Upholding the Highest Standards of Quality

Fix-It With Fred understands your desire for cost-effective car maintenance. Our extensive skill set, quality craftsmanship, and competitive pricing ensure you won't need to seek services from a Kia dealership. With our dedicated professionals and state-of-the-art technology, we're your trustworthy dealership alternative, fully equipped to meet and exceed your expectations.

In addition to our comprehensive maintenance services, we offer long-term strategies for your Kia. As a standard part of our inspections, we provide digital images of any parts or components requiring attention, empowering you to make well-informed decisions about your vehicle's maintenance. We never pressure you to exceed your budget or to purchase unnecessary repairs. Imagine receiving a detailed report from your physician after a check-up, complete with photographs, explanations, and educational videos. This is the level of transparency and information we offer at Fix-it With Fred.

Leading Excellence in Kia Auto Repairs

Fix-It With Fred in Canton, Ohio, is your local, go-to repair shop for comprehensive Kia services. We embody all the qualities you anticipate in a reliable, trustworthy, and family-oriented automotive service center. Schedule your appointment online or call 330-477-3733 to reach out to us today!

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