FIWF “Road Hazard & FREE Tire Repair Protection Plan” aka FIWFTPP

Road Hazard damage is damage that occurs when a tire fails as the result of a puncture, bruise, or impact break incurred during the course of normal driving on a maintained road. Nails, glass, and potholes are the most common examples of road hazards.

These types of road hazards are not typically covered under tire manufacturers’ warranties, so many drivers like having the peace of mind that the “Fix-it With Fred Road Hazard & FREE Tire Repair Protection Plan” (aka FIWFTPP) provides.

With the FIWFTPP, your tire repair or replacement is covered. The details of this protection plan are listed in this document. 

Here are the basics:

  • Tires are covered for 48 months from the date of purchase or until 3/32” or less of tread remains on the tire, whichever occurs first.
  • Out-of-town repairs are reimbursed up to the price that FIWF charges to complete the same repair.
  • During the 48-month benefit period, the FIWFTPP-covered tire will be replaced for the prorated original price, subject to the limitation set forth in this document.
  • A replacement warranty must be purchased on any tire that is replaced under the road hazard replacement program.
  • The FIWFTPP covers the first 2/32” of wear completely (prorating is covered) when tire replacement is required.
  • Mounting and balancing fees are covered on FIWFTPP claims
  • The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) must remain functioning properly for the life of the covered tire.
  • A maximum of two repairs are allowed to be present on the covered tire.
    • After two repairs, the tire will need to be replaced if a road hazard occurs.
  • The following tires are not eligible for the FIWFTPP:
    • Competition tires
    • Racing tires
    • LT flotation-sized tires
  • The following vehicles are not eligible for the FIWFTPP:
    • Any emergency vehicle (police, security)
    • Any vehicle used for hire, or commercial purposes
    • Any vehicle used for farm, ranch, or agricultural purposes
    • Any vehicle that isn’t street legal
    • Protection is only available to customers living in the continental United States


    • The FIWFTPP is provided with your eligible tire purchase at an additional charge.
    • In order to expedite the customer service process, please retain a copy of your original invoice (paper or electronic) and present it when requesting any service under the FIWFTPP.
      • To submit a claim, you must prove the purchase of an eligible tire via DOT number and the purchase of the FIWFTPP.
    • The FIWFTPP is available with eligible new tires purchased from Fix-it With Fred and is administered by Fix-it With Fred.
    • WHAT TIRES ARE ELIGIBLE? The benefit of the FIWFTPP is available for the tires:
      • Purchased by you, the Customer, from Fix-it With Fred directly
      • That is listed clearly on the original invoice (picture of DOT numbers or typed into the SMS) for the tires, and
      • FIWFTPP is purchased on the original invoice.
    • The FIWFTPP is limited to the repair or replacement of eligible tires damaged by road hazards as described below.
    • The FIWFTPP can be canceled by the administrator at any time, without notice by refunding the amount paid for the FIWFTPP minus the total of any claims made on the FIWFTPP.
        • EX: A customer paid $100 for the FIWFTPP. That customer had one covered tire repair done at a cost of $40. The amount refunded would be $60.
        • ONLY the administrator can cancel the FIWFTPP

Protection Benefit Period

    • This plan covers eligible tires for a term of 48 months from the date on your original invoice for the tires, or until any part of the tire tread that comes in contact with the road, under any driving situation, has a tread depth of 3/32” or less, whichever occurs first.
    • Once a tire has had two holes repaired, if it has road hazard damage a third time, the tire will need to be replaced.
    • When a FIWFTPP covered tire is replaced, the benefits for that eligible tire end
    • A replacement warranty MUST be purchased for any tire that is replaced under the FIWFTPP plan.
        • The warranty benefit is dependent on purchasing another FIWFTPP on the new tire.
        • If a customer cannot purchase another FIWFTPP, then they cannot file a claim.
        • If a customer has a tire replaced at a tire service center other than Fix-it With Fred, the FIWFTPP on the new tire will be deducted from their reimbursement check and an invoice for the FIWFTPP will be sent to the customer.

What are the Benefits?

  • If an eligible tire is damaged due to a covered road hazard during the Benefit Period, the FIWFTPP provides reimbursement as defined below.
    • Flat tire repair up to the current menu price that Fix-it With Fred charges to perform the same flat tire repair.
    • Tire replacement up to the tire purchase price on your original invoice or the replacement tire price, whichever is less, not to exceed a maximum of $400.00 per tire (“Benefit Limit”).

What are the Limitations?

  • Under no circumstance will the eligible reimbursement amount exceed the benefit limit.
  • The Administrator reserves the right to limit reimbursement to the generally accepted retail replacement costs.
  • If you don’t follow the guidelines of the FIWFTPP, your claim may not be eligible for reimbursement.
  • The FIWFTPP is only available in the continental United States. It’s not available in Canada, Mexico, or on any islands.
  • The FIWFTPP is not available on tires with a retail price of over $400.00

Your Responsibilities

  • Properly care for and maintain your tires, ensuring tires are operated at proper inflation pressures.
  • Use all reasonable means to protect your tires from additional damage.
  • Contact the administrator at 330-477-3733 or [email protected] for prior authorization before replacing a damaged tire to obtain a claim number.
  • Furnish information as required in the “Making a Claim” section.
  • Pay for all expenses and costs incurred when repairing an Eligible Tire.
  • Submit a claim for reimbursement to the Administrator.

 Making a Claim

  • If you have a tire that is damaged due to a road hazard as defined above, go to a tire service facility to have your tire examined.
    • If you’re within a 20-mile radius of Fix-it With Fred, you must return to Fix-it With Fred for repairs.
    • If you’re outside of a 20-mile radius of Fix-it With Fred, you can choose any reputable tire service facility for repairs.
      • If you are unable to locate a tire facility, contact the administrator at 330-477-3733 or [email protected]
      • If you need tire service outside of Fix-it With Fred’s business hours, then choose any reputable tire service facility.
      • You must contact the administrator within 2 business days (for out-of-hours claims) to start a claim.
  • If the tire service facility determines that the tire is repairable, the tire service facility does not need to contact the Administrator for prior approval to repair the tire. Have the tire service facility repair the tire, then submit the required documentation as outlined below.
  • If the tire service facility determines that the tire is not repairable, the tire service facility must contact the Administrator at 330-477-3733 for prior authorization and a claim number before replacing the tire.
  • The Administrator will initiate your claim and verify protection eligibility, review the damage to your tire with the service facility, pre-authorize your tire replacement, and provide the eligible reimbursement amount.
  • For repairs outside of a 20-mile radius, you must purchase the replacement tire or pay for the repair. You will be reimbursed for the repair and/or replacement as determined by the Administrator, once all required documentation has been submitted and approved.
  • You must sign the invoice for the tire repair or tire replacement.
  •  If a tire needs to be replaced and authorization cannot be obtained because the damage has occurred outside of Fix-it With Fred’s normal business hours, you may elect to wait for authorization when Fix-it With Fred is open, or proceed with tire replacement and have the tire repair facility gather the required documentation.

Required Documentation for Repairs Outside of 20-mile Radius

  • The following documentation must be provided to the Administrator to submit for reimbursement
    • A copy of the invoice including the following items
      • The name, address, and phone number of the tire servicing facility from which you purchased the replacement tire
      • Your full name, address and phone number
      • Your vehicle’s year, make, model, VIN number, and current mileage
      • The brand, type, size, DOT#, and purchase price of the replacement or repaired tire
      • Payment date and payment method
      • Your signature on the invoice
    • A picture of the DOT# of the covered tire showing the damage in the same picture
    • A picture visibly showing the damage to the tire
      • In some cases, the covered tire may need to be returned to the Administrator
  • This documentation can be submitted to the Administrator using one of the following methods
    • In person, during normal business hours
    • Email into [email protected]
    • Fax to 330-477-3733

Exclusions: This Plan Will Not Pay or Reimburse For:

  • Failures to tires occurring when any part of the tire tread that meets the road has a tread of 3/32” or less
  • Replacements made without the Administrator’s prior authorization except as provided in this document
  • Repairs or replacements made by anyone other than a reputable tire repair facility or Fix-it With Fred
  • Any invoice presented for payment of services not performed as outlined in this document
  • Damage occurring outside of the continental United States
  • Repair or replacement of a tire due to a manufacturer recall, defect, or warranty (Other than the FIWFTPP) for which the manufacturer will repair or replace the tire at its expense or at a reduced cost
  • Cosmetic damage to a tire. Cosmetic damage is defined as damage that does not affect the structural integrity of the tire
  • Competition tires, LT flotation tires, and racing tires
  • Any loss or damage caused by accidents, collision, theft, larceny, snow chains, studs, explosion, lightning, earthquakes, fire, windstorms, hurricanes, water damage, floods, vandalism, riots, war, criminal offenses, or any similar occurrence
  • Any loss or damage covered by another financially responsible party will be covered by the other party as primary, and the FIWFTPP will be secondary
  • Any damage due to misuse, abuse, negligence, improper application, improper towing, improper balancing, improper inflation, brake lockup, suspension part failure, wheel spinning, or alignment 
  • Damage caused by mechanical failures (e.g., failed shocks, struts, springs, alignment, balancing, or similar failure) or interference with vehicle components (e.g., fenders, exhaust, springs, axles, or similar component). 
  • Damage to the tire either in the sidewall or tread area due to dry rot, peeling or cracking.
  • Repair or replacement of tires that have been repaired in a manner other than tire manufacturer guidelines and industry approved methods.
  • Repair or replacement of any tire(s) used or installed in vehicles that are operated over the vehicle’s GVWR
  • Repair or replacement of any tire(s) used or installed on vehicles that are for commercial use, police, emergency, snow removal, carriage of passengers for hire, ride sharing, commercial towing, construction, or postal service.
  • Repair or replacement of any tire(s) used or installed on vehicles that are for farm, ranch, or any agricultural use. If vehicles are registered or titled under a farm or ranch, they aren’t eligible.
  • Repair or replacement of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and/or devices and components associated with TPMS, and /or TPMS valve stems.
  • Pre-existing conditions or damage, consequential, incidental, or secondary damages
  • Any other costs or expenses that you incur because of the need to repair or replace your tire
  • Any costs or expenses that arise because the vehicle is not available for use
  • Liability for damage to property, injury to, or death of any person arising from the operation, maintenance or use of the vehicle regardless if related to tire damage
  • Storage or freight charges
  • Traffic fines, citations, or penalties