Our Team

Photo by Joe Kleon

Fred Gestwicki Jr.

Owner / Master Technician
25+ Years of Automotive Experience
ASE Master Technician, Hyundai and Kia Master Technician, Mitsubishi Master Technician

Fred is a graduate of Jackson High School. He worked in dealerships for 15+ years before starting Fix-it With Fred. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Jessica and their two sons Eric & Reid. Fred is an active member of his Church Perry Christian Church.


Jessica Gestwicki

Office Manager / HR Department / “The Boss”
15+ Years of Automotive Experience
ASE Certified Service Advisor

Jessica is from Louisiana and is a graduate of Parkway High School. In her spare time, she loves playing with her two children and she enjoys reading. Family is #1 for Jessica and being outdoors.


Adam Ludwig

Cleaning & Housekeeping

Adam works part time at Fix-it With Fred and at his church. He participates in basketball, softball & track teams with the Stark Special Olympics. He enjoys playing video games and watching TV shows about rebuilding and restoring cars & trucks.

Photo by Joe Kleon

Karen Porter

Photo by Joe Kleon


Automotive Technician
4 Years of Automotive Experience

Vernon Palmer a graduate of Mckinley High School 2019. He took mechanics in school and pursued his dream of becoming a full mechanic. Vernon had all As and one B. He loves interacting with people and helping every chance he gets. Vernon has a girlfriend and 2 cats and owns his own home.

Photo by Joe Kleon

Ryan Burnworth